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Aipollo Investment

Making investments art-like with technology.

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About Aipollo

Aipollo is a burgeoning investment management company developing and employing a vastly diverse array of investment strategies that cater to investors of any level of risk aversion and all range of expectations.

We consider the investment a unique art form, and we believe that rigorous market research, meticulous mathematical models, and cutting-edge machine learning technology shall constitute its backbone.

It is our mission to incessantly refine our artful ways of investment that will invariably deliver exceptional outcomes to all go global investors.

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Our Philosophy

To deliver sustainable, long-term value for our investors, we stick to three core principles.


Our proven quantitative multi-strategy approach, backed by a closely-knit team of best and brightest financial mathematicians, is designed to yield a steady stream of excess return in both primary and secondary segments of the capital market in the long term by extracting profit from the fluctuations of asset prices, while keeping the downsides within acceptable levels.


Although our portfolios are extremely diversified, the biggest chunk of our portfolio is the emerging, disruptive technologies that could profoundly affect the way our society functions not just because their cash flows look good, but that we want to be an integral part of what makes real progress come true.


For posterity, our environmentally-conscious strategies ensure our portfolios avoid holdings related to environmental-harmful industries. On the other hand, we support innovations that help transform and solve some of the world’s most persistent problems and help change the way the world works.

How to invest

Today, we believe that artificial intelligence, DNA sequencing, robotics, energy storage, and blockchain technology are the innovation platforms leading the global economy into what could be the most transformative period in history.

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Aipollo is supported by class of successful entrepreneurs. Our core team comes from Bridgewater, Citadel, Morgan Stanley and etc.

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